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Wassup, Momofuku? More Messing Around with David Chang’s Cookbook

So it has been an eventful few weeks around Stately Prick Manor and with the Three Little Pricks here for the better part of a month there has not been a lot of time for eating out, much less writing … Continue reading

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Now Screening: Daily Life and the Fantastic Mrs Fox

The Sydney Morning Herald’s Rachel Browne, writing in Fairfax’s Lady Pages, takes issue with Mem Fox’s (quite right) criticism of parents who use their iPhones or iPads as babysitters and child-minders, seeing such attitudes as part of a capitalist, conservative conspiracy: … Continue reading

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Spaghetti al Moro: Like Sophia Loren on a Plate

Friends, I know we’ve had to have a few chats here in the past. Like the time we covered off on martinis. And Surry Hills. And … well, you get the idea. But if you can indulge a Prick, can … Continue reading

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So if the Prick’s entirely unscientific survey of one restaurant review and a few social media discussions are any guide, it is now becoming a bit of a thing to hang shit on Heston Blumenthal. This is perfectly natural: A … Continue reading

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Messing Around with a Michel Roux Classic

And so where were we? Ah yes, Europe, where for any remaining followers of this site it quickly became clear that a late-night Continental schedule (how civilised it is eating at 10pm!) and full days of touring were not compatible … Continue reading

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Florentines really like to fling some rice at the happy couple. Granny cops it sweet around the 41 second mark.

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And we’re back…

…to discover our housesitters have left the house in better condition than before, right down to dealing with that science experiment in the fridge Mrs Prick and I had both chosen to ignore for about the past 18 months or … Continue reading

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London and (Gastronomic) Liberty: It’s the Little Things

For Vincent Vega, it was the little things that made Europe different: Quarter Pounder with Cheese? No way. Royale with Cheese. As Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction hoodlum with a heart of gold reminds us, over on the Continent, “they got … Continue reading

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London Day Three: Roux at the Landau; Quo Vadis; What’s it All About, Alfie?

Just to be absolutely clear, we Pricks have nothing against wealthy late-middle-aged types hanging out in luxury hotels as they cruise comfortably into their emeritus years. Indeed we hope to be among their number one day, in a few decades … Continue reading

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London Day Two: Pilgrimages (Historical, Ecclesiastical, Gastronomical)

In Bob Hughes’ Rome there’s a long and entertaining riff about the early and medieval Catholic Church’s obsession with relics: Saints’ heads, vials of blood, pieces of the “true” cross, and so on. It’s a good passage, breezy, erudite, and … Continue reading

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