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New column: Support your local restaurant!

The Prick’s latest column in The Australian is up … the theme? Proper restaurants versus homogenised fast-casual crap that will be the death of us all. The conclusion? But if the unlevel playing field is driving supply one way, there’s … Continue reading

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Prick With a Fork is back…in print!

Been a long time between drinks, but the Prick has found a new home at the national daily, The Australian. First up: What happens when a Prick is forced to maintain a modicum of health and domestic accord and has … Continue reading

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Rights asserted.

In today’s Daily Telegraph, I have some choice words about Mike Baird and Sydney’s lockout laws — and why it is about more than just the right to party into the wee small hours. FOR the past week Sydney has debated … Continue reading

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Noma Sydney: A Supposedly Fun Thing I’m Glad I Did But Will Never Do Again

When Noma first announced its “pop-up” in Sydney’s new Barangaroo precinct – a vulgar monstrosity whose fatal flaw, mark my words, will ultimately be an isolation from the city no amount of Packer-financed lockout laws will cure – we were, … Continue reading

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One Penny Red: Up on the (Summer) Hill Where they do the Boogie

Yes, yes, yes we all know there is a housing crisis in Sydney, that no one will ever buy a house again, and that the next three generations are destined to spend their lives spack-filling holes every couple of years … Continue reading

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Lamb Shoulder Experiment

That’d be a great name for a band, wouldn’t it? Anyway, been a long time between drinks around here but in the interests of keeping this going, I posted this on my personal Facebook and people seemed to like it … Continue reading

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Your Results May Vary: Putting Sepia’s and Thomas Keller’s Books to the Test

Hands up everyone here who found a two-foot-tall serious chef’s cookbook under the tree this past Christmas, all filled photos that could hang in MONA and printed on paper as lush as Dean Martin laughing at Frank Sinatra punching somebody? … Continue reading

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