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Eppur si muove: You spin me right-round baby at O Bar & Dining

Revolving restaurants, friends. What does the phrase mean to you? The horror show slop served to foreign tourists and hopeless suitors atop that Sydney Tower space needle building downtown? The running gag about Hank’s Look-Around café in The Larry Sanders … Continue reading

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How Twitter Got My Dog Back

Today in the Telegraph, the tale of how Maggie the Iron Terrier was lost and found … by Twitter.

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Oh, Deer! That’s Good Venison

Pictures of food. Pictures of our dinners. Pictures of stuff we cooked. Are we still doing that? Well, yeah, we are. Or at least this Prick is, because this was pretty damn good: What you’re looking at is a plate … Continue reading

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Guest Post: School Holidays with a Chance of Meatballs

Followers of the Prick’s Twitter feed will be aware of this site’s sometimes unhealthy obsession with “reality” cooking show My Kitchen Rules. Something about its finely calibrated manic combination of personality disorders, domestic voyeurism, high school politics, and “yeah I … Continue reading

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Dive! Dive!: Meeting the Mermaid at a Sixpenny Sunday

It has been a good dozen or so years since the Prick first alighted at Kingsford-Smith and it’s fair to say that all things considered and to borrow a phrase, Sydney been berry berry good to me. That said, one … Continue reading

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Taking Some R & R at Osteria di Russo & Russo

Like remaking Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka or letting Michael Bolton cover Otis Redding, the idea of re-inventing, re-creating, re-imagining, or re-anythinging Italian food and restaurant culture is, or should be, a nuclear minefield fraught with horrors one can’t even begin … Continue reading

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A Good Time AND a Long Time

Further evidence for the Prick’s long-held belief that dietary “-isms” are the road to ruin and that one should simply eat good food that tastes good: Vegetarians may have a lower BMI and drink alcohol sparingly, but vegetarian diets are … Continue reading

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