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Smokey and the Bandito

The Pricks took a little detour to the Southern Highlands on the weekend – more about which later – and chanced upon this bit of fantasticness at a Hume Highway rest stop: Would that we also had the Caribinieri’s, shall … Continue reading

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Crossing the Great Side-Order Divide: Puffed Potatoes

Forget Arab versus Israeli or Catholic versus Protestant. Really, is there any more vexed question than whether French fries (or chips) are superior to mashed potatoes (or pommes purees if you want to get really fancy about it)? On the … Continue reading

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Food, Fads and Freedom

In the Telegraph today, the Prick is taking on the latest anti-meat fad diets – and no, a cheeseburger is not as bad for you as a pack of smokes: Anyone with a degree of skepticism and a memory longer … Continue reading

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Swine & Co: Beer Hall Putsch’s Unsatisfying Result

For as long as the Prick can remember the old former banking chamber at 16 O’Connell Street in Sydney’s CBD was home to an outlet of the Disneyfied Bavarian Bier Café mini-chain which until recently sated local office workers’ demands … Continue reading

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Check Your Privilege Over Lunch at Rockpool

Readers who have had the (mis)fortune to spend any time around a humanities faculty lately may be familiar with the appalling phrase, “check your privilege”. For the uninitiated – and the Prick is sorry to have to break this to … Continue reading

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Don’t Just Stand There, Do Nothing!

My word I’ve been lousy about posting lately, haven’t I? Sorry folks, there have been a number of other non-culinary projects on the boil including painting half of Stately Prick Manor — an experience the Prick found almost meditative but … Continue reading

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Contrabando: It’s Spanish for Speakeasy

Given that the current regime running the show in NSW Parliament House is – with the help of its various aiders and abettors in the press – trying to make having that third glass of wine about as socially acceptable … Continue reading

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