Freedom With a Side of Fries

In the fight between a bunch of freedom-hating nannies who’d impose their grey aesthetic on the world and the fast food giants, there’s really no question whose side to take. The Prick in the Telegraph today:

Putting aside the creepy implication that our lives only have value insofar as our impact on the government’s bottom line, it tends to be only those who do not have the platform of a position in academia, the media, or politics who find their lifestyles’ under fire.

A few years ago the Australian Medical Association suggested that obesity cost the healthcare system $1.2 billion a year. But that wasn’t headline-making enough, so they instead declared that “Factoring in lost productivity, obesity cost Australian society and governments $21 billion”.

Oddly, no one ever counts up the “billions” in lost productivity from inner-city workers ducking out for a coffee once or twice a day. Add it up and your typical office worker might spend a week each year on the boss’s time enjoying a product that can cause everything from increased blood pressure to anxiety to anaemia.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for a scare story about how the Big Barista industry is wreaking havoc with health and productivity.

Naturally, you should read the whole thing.

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7 Responses to Freedom With a Side of Fries

  1. Mike Farrell says:

    You failed to mention that Macca’s sells child killing fruit juice. We have now been told that the natural sugars in oranges, mangoes etc rot little kiddies teeth, even if they live in flouride free Byron Bay. Oranges should be banned as they lead to Diabetes II, heart disease, fungal nail infections and many other medical complaints. Although 180 mls a day seems acceptable, doctors and dieticians used to say smoking (of which I am one) would not cause cancer.

    Can they guarantee that I wont get cirrhosis when I add Woolworths Homebrand Orange & Mango juice to my Coolabah crisp dry white (from the cask). I go through about 1 litre a day of OJ – at 57 I”m beginning to think of retaining Slater & Gordon should anything happen to my liver. It was obviously the OJ.

    These people complaining about Maccas should be taken to the HREOC. They will deny the blind, quadraplaegics and the Australian double amputee female synchronised swimming team, their human rights to consume the occasional cheeseburger with Tasmanian grown dill pickles.

    Like you, I agree enough is enough. Next they’ll insist on eat-in sales only !!!!!!

  2. DMS says:

    Excellent article – especially the hypocrisy; duck fat is great, but a burger on a sweet bun is poison.

  3. Free Advice says:

    The irony is that the relatively recent widespread availability and consumption of cane sugar is probably one of the things in a modern diet that is making us bigger, more nourished and living much longer!

  4. Dear Prick,

    The people who whinge and howl about this Maccas home-delivery have insecurity in their blood. Healthy and unhealthy lifestyles present equal choices to all. Maccas is the furthest reason if one cannot master one’s own destiny.

  5. Desmond says:

    Read the book The China Study, by T Colin Campbell

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