Is Australia Day. Is Good.

With Australia Day imminent, the tiresome culture wars over whether it should really be called “Invasion Day” or if there is in fact anything worthwhile being proud of in one of the world’s most prosperous and tolerant democracies is once again in full swing. For those so inclined, I had a few words in the Telegraph yesterday analyzing our bizarre relationship with our national day:

LIKE Christmas carols played in October and hot cross buns hitting the shelves in January, it seems people start hating Australia Day earlier and earlier each year.

This year, Australians had barely shaken off the cobwebs from New Year’s Eve before the annual festival of self-flagellation around our national day began. For weeks now legions of academics, pundits, and comment thread trolls have been stalking the landscape, looking to stamp out any sign of pride in Australia’s post-settlement heritage with all the enthusiasm of Queenslanders going after cane toads with a six-pack and a nine iron.

 The Prick was also on The Project last night sticking up for Australia Day against Peter FitzSimons and Waleed Aly … click here, the segment starts around the 24 minute mark.

Back on deck in a few days with full reports on Noosa and other points north. 

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4 Responses to Is Australia Day. Is Good.

  1. Steve at the Pub says:

    Well said (on the project episode). I’ve never watched it before, boyoboboy-oboy, what a shallow show. My dog would have more depth & intellectual rigour.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Funny how we have to tip toe our way through this celebration each year. Does this happen in the USA? Is it in poor taste to have “America 1776” or America “1692” T shirts? What about “mayflower” T shirts? Is Columbus considered an invader?
    Give us the parallels please Prick.

  3. Free Advice says:

    It’s funny watching everyone on tip toes each year celebrating Australia Day not quite knowing what to do, say or wear lest the cultural gatekeepers come down on them for being too Aussie.

    Do you have this problem back home in the USA Prick? Do they recall T Shirts with “America 1776” or “mayflower 1620” and such because someone at a regional university is offended? Is Columbus considered an invader?

    And what is this years appropriate term for Native Americans? First peoples? Indigenous? Do they get upset like here?

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