Smokey and the Bandito

The Pricks took a little detour to the Southern Highlands on the weekend – more about which later – and chanced upon this bit of fantasticness at a Hume Highway rest stop:


Would that we also had the Caribinieri’s, shall we say, liberal attitude towards traffic and speed enforcement in Australia… 

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4 Responses to Smokey and the Bandito

  1. Free Advice says:

    When I was in Italy a few years ago, the highway cops all had BMW 528i’s.

  2. Meerkat says:

    The mad Australian obssesion of policing our Speed Limits that saw my 78 Year old father booked for doing 108 kph in the “Open Road” speed limit 100 kph area in Victoria. Only upside was him winning a bet for a bottle of Whisky against my Scottish uncle who point blank refused to believe him till he produced the ticket.

  3. Tony says:

    It was German police undercover down under.

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