New column: Support your local restaurant!

The Prick’s latest column in The Australian is up … the theme? Proper restaurants versus homogenised fast-casual crap that will be the death of us all. The conclusion?

But if the unlevel playing field is driving supply one way, there’s no reason the demand side cannot send some counter­signals to even things up. Hell, elevate it to a social media campaign and give it its own hashtag (#i’lldinewithyou, perhaps?). More effectively, we could all let our dollars do the walking and patronise, if even initially just for a month, the independent and the small making a go of it. To horrify the spirit of Karl Marx by paraphrasing him in this bourgeois campaign, perhaps the slogan can be Diners of Australia, unite! You have nothing to lose but your (restaurant) chains!

Of course  you should read the whole thing. Or better yet, go buy the damn paper!

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