Duck, Duck … Goose?

I’m surprised it has taken this long, but Heston Blumenthal is doing something about the Fat Duck Rotisserie Kitchen in Darling Harbour, prompting speculation that the molecular chef is planning on opening an outlet in Sydney. Even more surprising (well, mayne not that surprising) is that although a judgment on the matter was handed down in November, the Sydney Morning Herald‘s “Good Living” gossip column only picked up on the news today, four months after the fact.

I must say, whether or not the Fat Duck is planning on flying south, it’s a good move by Blumenthal. When I spied the Fat Duck Rotisserie on a trip to the boat show last year, I was initially startled by the thought that the chef would open a tourist trap of a restaurant in a tourist trap of a place. But then again, Momofuku and a bunch of other culinary worthies have opened up in the Star City Casino, so what do I know?

Oh, and in other not surprising news from the pages of “Good Living”, Terry Durack went slumming in Rosebery to visit Kitchen by Mike and gave it … wait … you’ll never guess … 14/20! I’ll take your word for it, Terry. If there’s two things the Prick doesn’t like, it’s queuing and communal tables.


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