Not A Fan of Mung Beans

Never let it be said that the Prick With a Fork is not environmentally aware, as this snippet from NSW Hansard proves:


The Hon. Dr PETER PHELPS [11.11 p.m.]: Tonight I celebrate a momentous day. Last Saturday at 8.30 p.m. people who believe in civilisation gathered around the planet to celebrate the Hour of Power.

While hippy, mung bean-eating, pot-smoking types sat around in unlit rooms pretending that they were Jesus and could save the world, people who believe in civilisation, advancement and human endeavour set about to try to create as much use of electricity and other carbon dioxide producing products as possible, and it was a great success. All around the world arc lights were lit, large bonfires were burnt and even the smallest iron beam turned on helped to create a sense of achievement and international pride. Indeed, even in our own State this was reported:

Sydney father of three James Morrow enjoyed some family bonding time: “The boys were more excited about staying up for the Hour of Power than they were for Santa”.

And why would they not be? It represents human achievement. In closing, I thank the person who started it all: Tim Blair of the Daily Telegraph. I congratulate him on starting a worldwide movement that celebrates human achievement. Well done, Tim Blair.

[Time for debate expired.]

Question—That this House do now adjourn—put and resolved in the affirmative.

Motion agreed to.
The House adjourned at 11.14 p.m. until Wednesday 4 April 2012at 9.30 a.m.

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3 Responses to Not A Fan of Mung Beans

  1. Dakingisdead says:

    Funny thing is I don’t like mung beans either.
    Of either variety.
    They set my teeth on edge.

  2. JMH says:

    Agreed, mung beans upset my constitution and these days, I can’t look at a watermelon without wanting to puke.

    Long reign the Hour of Power.


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