Everyone has stories of people doing stupid, weird, or ridiculous things in traffic, but driving along Crystal Street, Petersham, the other day, this woman caught my eye:


I couldn’t capture it on the phone, but from where I sat that bowl appeared to contain a massive pile of Oriental noodles and broth. The bowl was ceramic, so she’d clearly brought it from home. And note that she came prepared with both a spoon and a fork to feed her on her way. Well done, multi-tasking driver!

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3 Responses to Slurp-‘N’-Go

  1. The Usual Suspect says:

    Mr Fork, why were you “driving along Crystal St” with a phone in your hand?

    Crystal St is pretty close to home for me, and it’s a pretty funky spot, still almost totally ungentrified. And fortunately (or sadly, depending on your point of view) we’ve lost our most notorious neighbours, the Hells Angels. You may may recall their HQ near the Parramatta Rd corner was bombed a few years ago.

    Presently making headlines and giving BOF a headache further west, the bikes have now left and Crystal St is a much more comfortable place. A lady happily slurping noodles is a very welcome sight.

    • Yes Crystal Street is right near Prick HQ, and like P’matta Road is an alley of shabbiness cutting through some very nice villages and streets. We moved in after the Hells Angels’ moved out, but the whole strip needs something of a tart-up, for sure! And for the record, I was stuck in traffic … so no (or perhaps less) road rules violated …

    • Steve D says:

      …and dropping the phone on the the passenger seat before moving off is a lot easier than for a bowl of noodles in broth…

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