Inner-Suburban Bliss

So clicking around some of the area food blogs I find this review of local Italian eatery and Labor powerbroker-hangout Tuscany Restaurant, which I haven’t been to in ages, in which the clientele is described as

… local couples – the rescue/renovate brigade – lured in by reasonable (under $30) mains and a tasteful décor tweak …

Oh my. A more cuttingly accurate description of the locals here along the border country of Stanmore-Petersham would be hard to find.

All weekend long all one hears around here is the whine of power tools weilded by web designers, public servants, and creative types; it’s a wonder the sound isn’t more frequently punctuated with the shrill cries of ambulances.

Thankfully Mrs Prick recently announced that she thought it was ridiculous on a cost-benefit basis for us to waste our time doing DIY and that we’re going to get the  pros in to finish off Stately Prick Manor.  Otherwise I would have to take umbrage even as I quietly acknowledged, “I resemble that remark!”

In any case, it sounds like Tuscany is worth a follow-up visit.

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  1. The Usual Suspect says:

    Spare your good wife, Mr Prick. I don’t know anything about the food, but Tuscany has long been off-limits to me. Sadly, even “under $30 mains” are (like most things in the inner west nowadays) beyond my meagre means. But there main trouble is, even though former owner Frank Moio (famous for bringing Tiffany to the attention of Labor sleazebag John MacDonald) and former part owner of the building, Ron Medich (yes, for it is he) have since moved on from Norton St, the odorous taint from those days lingers. If only in my over-active imagination, perhaps, but I swear I saw Frank Moio at a very popular local Italian eatery in Wareemba not long ago. I hope I was mistaken. The sight made my blood run cold.

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