So Mrs Prick and I were wandering back through Martin Place this evening after attending the launch of the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, a fantastic organisation that deserves your support for any number of reasons — not the least of which being they get their possessive apostrophes right — when we chanced upon the Occupy Sydney camp. Keep in mind this was Mayday, when Occupy was threatening all sorts of mass annoyances.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Occupy? That thing’s still going on? “Totes”, as the kids say. And as you can see, it’s a thriving, well-attended movement:

From another angle, you really get an idea of just what a beehive of revolutionary activity Occupy Sydney is today:

Honestly, can’t the Reserve Bank or one of the other local tenants get this cleared up by booking a special collection with the Council?

P.S. Welcome, Tim Blair readers. Stay awhile, look around!

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1 Response to Unoccupied

  1. FunGoose says:

    I think the rest of them occutards are now preoccupied with something else…like getting a life maybe? Or a job? Or maybe just too stoned to “GetUp” from whatever smack du jour they’ve been sniffing?

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