They Report, They Decide

Remember, kids, the government and its associated broadcasters are never wrong:

THE ABC and SBS would be answerable only to themselves when it comes to complaints about their journalism, under proposals before Communications Minister Stephen Conroy.

Television and radio stations as well as the print and online editions of newspapers would be subject to a new self-regulatory media watchdog that would have the power to order members to publish corrections.

But a panel advising the minister on media reform is recommending that the ABC and SBS not fall under the independent ”news standards body” but continue to operate independently of any media-wide system…

This would mean that cases such as one last month in which ACMA found ABC radio in Adelaide had breached the corporation’s own code of practice on impartiality would go unpunished.

ACMA had found that during an interview with a former South Australian politician, the station displayed ”a fixed prejudgment on the topics discussed, asked loaded questions and used disparaging language”.

The whole media regulation kerfuffle in Canberra has never been about, well, regulating the whole of media. It’s been very carefully crafted to target commercial media in general and News Ltd. in particular. But never fear, with Jonathan Holmes and the well-compensated Media Watch crew around to keep them honest, the ABC doesn’t need any outside oversight at all. To think otherwise would just be doubleplusungood-think.


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1 Response to They Report, They Decide

  1. Steve says:

    We couldnt have the governments propaganda outlets being held accountable.

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