CBD Review: Halves and halves nots

When you order a smoked salmon bagel, that kinda implies that you’re going to get both halves, doesn’t it? Not according to the folk at Caffe Cino in the Hilton downtown:

Something’s missing here…

You can imagine how crestfallen I was to open the box when I got back to my desk with this little number the other morning. Especially as the bagel itself was $8.50, before coffee. The smoked salmon, however, was delicious.

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6 Responses to CBD Review: Halves and halves nots

  1. Steve MCNeil says:

    Half a bagel!

  2. DMS says:

    Is this an accidental republish?
    Too lazy to look but thought I’d seen it before.

  3. Dakingisdead says:

    Even if it is a re-publication it is still only half a salmon bagel.
    Talk about tight arses. And was it the top or bottom half. Maybe I don’t like the top or bottom half…how does the Cafe know ?

  4. old bloke says:

    Be grateful you didn’t order a doughnut with smoked salmon. They would have kept the doughnut and given you the hole.

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