The Links Effect

More Mudgee madness in the pipeline, but in the meantime a few links to whet the whistle:

  • Smiley Bill Granger is frowning over his publisher’s repurposing of a bunch of his recipes. Both sides have lawyered up, but it begs the question, if cooks can copyright recipes, do they also have the obligation to ensure they’re accurate? This is a favourite topic around here.
  • Over on News Ltd. outrage site The Punch, freelance flak Kate Dorrell falls for the old health=morality canard and proves that part-time veggos are just as obnoxious as the full-time ones. Good retort to the meat-causes-cancer claims here.
  • Finally, commenter Ross points out that the Herald‘s Terry Durack has visited another Newtown hipster dive and awarded it (surprise!) 14/20. Between that and their Melbourne-centric faintly disguised advertorial cover story, the folks at Good Living are really phoning it in.
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2 Responses to The Links Effect

  1. anon says:

    All you need to know about why going vego to save the planet is a ludicrous waste of time.

  2. Eric says:

    The devil is certainly going to be in the details of the contract. This reminds me of Matt Groening not liking the direction the studio was taking the Simpsons, he was told if felt really strongly about it he could refuse to cash the royalty cheques. I suspect his publisher will take the same view.

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