Where’s the Beef?

Everything that is wrong with the Sydney Morning Herald’s food coverage, and its head critic Terry “14/20” Durack, can be summed up thusly: They did a roundup of the ten (allegedly) best burgers in Sydney for their glossy ad vehicle the (sydney) magazine [sic] and included a vegetarian patty. That, and they gave a gong to mockney fauxtalian Jamie Oliver. Maybe, just maybe, some of their parent company’s woes can be sheeted home to this sort of parochialism masquerading as an ersatz cosmopolitanism.

In my book, burgers should be fat and the chef should be confident enough in his meat to allow them to be ordered medium-rare. I also don’t get the Aussie obsession with beetroot and fried eggs. Day to day, I remain pretty partial to the $20 burger-and-beer special at Glass Bar.

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3 Responses to Where’s the Beef?

  1. Steve at the Pub says:

    If there is not beetroot in a burger, it is accepted custom to go beserk & destroy the place.
    Default position with burgers = they contain beetroot. If one wishes to sell a deficient burger, one is free to do so, BUT to avoid mayhem, should declare that menu item as being “w/out beetroot”
    While I have seen burgers without beetroot, (mainly made & sold by people who didn’t know any better) I’ve yet to encounter that most suicidal of all burger cooks, the one who is bold enough to serve one without onion!

    The meat can be done any way one pleases, but for a steakburger, and especially a steak sandwich, it should be well done, (mainly because the steak should be very very thin, thus it is difficult to do it any other way.)

  2. DMS says:

    I’m with Steve on the betroot sorry Prick

  3. Pogria says:

    Ditto with Steve and DMS on the beetroot.
    The only deviation allowed in the Prickle Farm household is home made beetroot relish.
    Gourmet for we denizens of the “sticks”.

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