Becasse, RIP

Very sad to read this news:

Sydney’s Becasse restaurant will serve its last dinner tomorrow night. Chef Justin North announced his fine diner will close along with other businesses owned with his wife and business partner, Georgia.

It includes Quarter 21, also in Westfield Sydney. The couple placed their restaurant and food group into voluntary administration in early June following which Etch, Le Grand Cafe and their cooking school closed. At that time, they expressed hopes of continuing to trade.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. We Sydneysiders are a city full of restaurant sluts, always going on first dates with some hip new dive but unwilling to develop quality relationships and keep going back to the classy dames. Becasse is the latest victim of our folly.
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3 Responses to Becasse, RIP

  1. Tim Andrews says:

    I actually thought Becasse was a huge disappointment when I was there; the food (with the exception of the desert courses) I found rather uninspired and uninteresting, the decor horrid, and overall that most of the bill went to subsidise high Westfield rents…

  2. It was a big mistake to move into a food court, and over-expand, I agree. He should have stayed on Clarence Street.

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