Links and Asides

Real work intrudes for another day or two, but in the meantime, whet your appetite with these tasty morsels.

Over in the invaluable City Journal, Troy Senik takes on “Gastronomical Prohibitionists” and California’s flawed foie gras ban. After pointing out California’s myriad fiscal problems (which one might think would keep the legislature otherwise occupied), Senik notes that as a result of the law,

On July 1, the state with the nation’s largest economy ushered in a new era of prohibition, banning the sale of foie gras, a French delicacy made out of the intentionally fattened liver of a duck or goose. As anyone who has ever patronized a Sacramento tavern while the legislature is in session knows, this is perhaps the first time in recorded history that state lawmakers regarded hepatic dysfunction as cause for alarm.

Read on – including those who think foie gras production is necessarily cruel and barbaric. As the man said, not so much.

Meanwhile over in the Wall Street Journal, a charming review of new books on one of the Prick’s heroes, Julia Child. At least one title has been added to the next Amazon shipment, but I loved this detail:

Years ago, a colleague of mine at Saveur magazine was on the phone with Child, going over her recipe for poulet à la crème (chicken in cream sauce) and innocently asked if the dish could be made lighter by using milk instead of cream. “Well, I suppose it could,” Child replied, “but then it wouldn’t be poulet à la crème, would it?” Then she added, with a note of disdain: “Oh, for heaven’s sake, it’s only a little bit of cream.”

Finally, just because it is amusing, Elton John (having previously come out as a supporter of Israel) has now taken out after Madonna, likening her to a “fairground stripper”.

The Prick has previously observed that there are few greater conservatising forces than marriage and parenthood, and this would seem to underline the point. Centre-right parties around the world looking for those vital few extra points that decide most elections should confound their opponents, push to legalise gay marriage, and reap the rewards.

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