CBD Review: Reubenesque Buns

Regular readers of this space know that there are few things that warm (and, perhaps, clog) a Prick’s heart like a really good Reuben sandwich – creditable versions of which are now happily popping up all over Sydney. Regulars also know that there are few things more annoying to a Prick than a fake Reuben. It’s why I have never bothered checking out Reuben Hills of a lunchtime: they serve something called a Reuben, but it’s not. So much so that they even caveat the menu item by calling it a “not Reuben”, presumably in a bid to head off action by the ACCC for false and deceptive practices. I reckon with American food quickly becoming to the 21st century what blue jeans were to the 20th, we need to get some sort of DOC-type system like the French and Italians have to prevent bastardisation of these sorts of classics.

The dislike of the fake Reuben is also why I have never had much time for chef Michael Moore’s “Reuben & Moore” outlet in the Pitt Street Westfield. It seems like a promising sort of joint, all slabs of corned beef and crusty countermen, but when you ask for a Reuben what you get is instead a bastardisation of the sandwich. But never say I am closed-minded about these things: Last week, I wandered through looking for a quick feed and was drawn to their new offering: the Reuben burger.

I’m not sure what twisted genius came up with this, but in broad terms, think of a bacon cheeseburger, but in place of bacon put a big handful of pastrami. And add some spicy mayo. And some greens. And a really big, thick bun that’s still tender, doughy, and more-or-less keeps the whole thing together, though you are forgiven for abandoning ship for a knife and fork half-way through. Given Sydney prices, the $13.50 is still kinda-sorta reasonable (the upside is you won’t want much for dinner) even if the $4.50 they hit you up for a takeaway Coke is extortionate. It’s not quote $5 for a pretzel at the Duff Brewery, but still.


I’ve had three of these babies in the last fortnight, and each one was as good as the last. I know it involves a visit to Level 5 Westfield, but it is worth the aggravation. If not the $4.50 for a Coke.

Reuben & Moore on Urbanspoon

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3 Responses to CBD Review: Reubenesque Buns

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just tried one for lunch. Won’t be back. It was Bland with a capital B. The gerkins were watery and tasteless. The rye bread was closer to brown bread. The saurkraut was just mushy, watery, tasteless cabbage. The “spicy” sauce was as bland as mayo. I had chips on the side, and they were cool and very uncrispy. I left half of it on my plate and left. Others must have been reading your blog, as everyone was ordering the Reuben. Not sure how many finished it though.

    I’m hoping it was just a bad day in Westfield…..

  2. Head Prick says:

    Sorry to hear that – there they go making a Prick look like a prick! Off day, one hopes.

  3. Anon says:

    My motto is that I’ll try anything twice. So they’ll get a second chance. If they screw that up, I’ll reach for the thesaurus and really let you know what I think.

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