But Moral Vanity is Priceless

Is organic food healthier, safer, better? Turns out, not so much:

[Stanford University scientists] concluded that fruits and vegetables labeled organic were, on average, no more nutritious than their conventional counterparts, which tend to be far less expensive. Nor were they any less likely to be contaminated by dangerous bacteria like E. coli.

The researchers also found no obvious health advantages to organic meats.

The Prick has never found so-called “organic” produce to taste any better than the regular stuff; it’s better to buy what’s raised well and in season rather than pay the extra price for some dubious certificate of indulgence, though I suspect that for many purchasers, it’s not so much about the taste as the warm inner glow of superiority. Which still doesn’t answer the question, why is it that everyone in the organic food shop always looks so damn grumpy?

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4 Responses to But Moral Vanity is Priceless

  1. Eric says:

    The hair shirt they wear makes them grumpy.

  2. A presenter yesterday on morning TV (it must be a requirement of the job to possess a vapid intellect) when faced with this shattering of hair shirt conventional wisdom, and with no option but to repeat the Stanford University findings, clutched desperately at straws by gushing that while the study showed no benefits, this study had been on adults only, it “obviously” was different for “children – who still have developing brains, bodies, etc” and that children should still be fed exclusively on “organic – rather than artifcial” foods.

  3. DMS says:

    Steve at the Pub – yes, I’ve seen that denial. It *must* be better, so I refuse to believe the data.

    The lack of difference would be greatest for processed food (e.g. tinned organic tomatoes, baby food etc.), however some produce claimed organic (e.g. at our local street market etc., not the “Coles Organic” range in the F&V department or similar) does actually taste better. But that’s naff all to do with organic; it’s usually just that it’s picked ripe rather than green, more likely to be in season etc.

    Food miles – bunkum, organic – bunkum, locovore fad – mostly bunkum (see above). But if it tastes better, I’ll buy it and may even pay a bit more.

    • Betti W. Woo says:

      ‘[I]t’s usually just that it’s picked ripe rather than green, more likely to be in season etc. […] But if it tastes better, I’ll buy it and may even pay a bit more.’

      I second that.

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