Off Their Troll-eys: Eliminationist Rhetoric Alert!

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman is being cyber-bullied. Surely a Facebook page dedicated to throwing rocks at an elected premier’s head is at least as offensive as being mean to a C-list ‘sleb on Twitter?


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1 Response to Off Their Troll-eys: Eliminationist Rhetoric Alert!

  1. TimT says:

    Well Campbell Newman is obviously a delicate little petal (sending police round to Catherine Deveny’s house). Sorry Campbell old chap, you won the election with seats to spare, but when it comes to being a state premier, you can pretty much expect to be called outrageous names, to be insulted, to be slandered, to be sworn at, to have a number of outrageous offenses and offensive outrageous written about you, and drawn about you, in every available medium possible. Sad to say, it’s part of the job. It’s a consequence of freedom – sometimes, people will abuse the freedom of speech they are given, and abuse you.

    People such as you in such a position of privilege and power should be able to ignore the slings and arrows (and brickbats and bullets and smears and slanders) by the rest of us, and get on and do your job. If you are not able to ignore this stuff – well, you are obviously unsuitable for the high and privileged position you have attained, and you won’t be there for very long. Good day to you, sir.

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