If You Don’t Like Your Food Watching You…

…don’t make Prick With a Fork’s veal chop and langoustine surf-and-turf:


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5 Responses to If You Don’t Like Your Food Watching You…

  1. Dr Duck says:

    Sauce looks good – based on a reduction of stock made with the langoustine shells?

  2. DMS says:

    I’d be more worried about it carrying me off and devouring me in its lair

  3. Presents very well. And finally I’ve learned to tolerate use of the feminine phrase “surf n turf” rather than the masculine phrase in more common use. A “surf n turf” ain’t what we’ve been eating here. (Mind you, anyone who calls a half barramundi on the same plate as a 300g rib fillet a “surf n turf” will still have “brokeback mtn” parodies hurled verbally in their direction – “surf n turf” will only be grudgingly allowed for 2 prawns & a piece of roast – as per the photo in this post)

    • Dr Duck says:

      Steve at the pub, I worked in a club restaurant back in the late 70’s. A surf and turf was about 400g of filet steak (a big thick peice butterflied and wrapped with bacon) and half a crayfish tail, both smothered with bernaise sauce. Shame the cray was cooked frozen Tasmanian with little flavor. The bernaise was a wonder – made with clarified butter and thick enough to go under the salamander to get a bit of colour. Don’t know how they did it so it would not break.

      Personally, I’ve never been much of a fan of surf and turf, but a proper chicken marengo (with little crayfish tails) is a decent enough dish, and all those variations of pork belly or black pudding with scallops are just fine.

  4. Er… Dr. Duck. It is the terminology that was my subject! “Surf n Turf” is in the same basked as greeting someone with “Hi Guys”, or with men drinking a white spirit.
    It – and those other examples – are likely more a geographic indicatior than anything, revealing the speaker to be from the southern half of this great continent (eg, like use of the word “ute” used to be)
    The dish is a regular, though never before, until this post by PWAF – and your comment just now – have I seen it done with shellfish. Quaint foreign customs… etc etc etc… We’ll now give it a try, though I’ll never be able to bring myself to use the phrase “Surf n Turf”. Not after a having established a reputation for more or less running people out of town for using it!

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