Once You Go Berkshire Black …

Sydney’s cold snap (relatively speaking) this Saturday meant one last chance to put the oven on and roast something before summer really kicks in. And what that something was turned out to be five points worth of gorgeous Berkshire Black pork rack picked up over at the Surry Hills branch of Hudson Meats:

Feeling salty!

What happened next was largely improvised, but a few observations:

  1. Crisping the skin of the pork in the roasting pan is far more effective, and controlled, way of doing things than using the oven, where things can get overdone quickly. After getting a nice “crackle”, the whole thing was put on a rack at around 140C (around 280-290F), and I threw a good slug of white wine in the bottom of the tray for moisture. When the internal temperature hit 58C (136F) I took the pork out to rest and let it ride to about 62C (143F), leaving a little bit of pink and a whole lot of tenderness.
  2. It may be a bit naff to throw some truffle oil in the pommes pureee, but it’s bloody delicious and the Prick makes no apologies.
  3. A quick apple gelee made with some local organo-hippy apple juice, some sugar, a squeeze of lime, and a couple of gelatin sheets added a nice extra element which was especially popular with the Three Little Pricks.  They also liked the apple, fennel, and rocket salad.

All in all, the dish was well received:

Your “Clean Plate Club” membership is in the mail!

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2 Responses to Once You Go Berkshire Black …

  1. Dr Duck says:

    Good to see a nice cut of pork that is not over cooked. Many a good dish is spoiled in Australia by an irrational fear of the slightest bit of pink in chicken or pork.

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