Killer Tweets!

To hear the Fairfax press (and plenty of other Western media outlets) tell it, Palestinian rocket strikes on Israeli suburbs are just legitimate, routine affairs – really, nothing more than just a slightly extreme way for a local government to register its disapproval of Israel.

No, what’s really outrageous is the Israel’s response. Not only did the IDF target terrorists like Ahmed Said Khalil al-Jabari responsible for the rocket attacks, they had the audacity to go and tweet about it:

“In so doing, in fewer than 140 characters, Israel opened an aggressive new social media front in a long war, sparking fears of an escalation of conflict in the Middle East…”

By way of balance, the Herald does note, in the very-very-very last paragraph of the story, that “By Thursday night, at least 145 rockets from Gaza had struck Israel’s south over the previous 24 hours, including one that struck a home in the city of Kiryat Malachi, killing three people, according to an Israeli police spokesman.”

But that’s nothing compared to the tweets.

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5 Responses to Killer Tweets!

  1. When I heard the news of Israel bumping off some Hamas type, I had a Bill Shorten moment:

    I didn’t know exactly what Israel did, or exactly why, or when, but I thoroughly approved of it!

  2. observa says:

    I just naturally assumed it was all Tony Abbott’s fault.

  3. DMS says:

    I had the same response Steve – I assumed once I heard the details, I’d wholeheartedly appove.

    Now that I have, I do.

    I recall in my dim dark youth there was a view that “you don’t f*** with Israel” (probably due to their response to the Munich Olympics). It seems they’ve let Hamas “f*** with them” a bit lately. Maybe they’re correcting that.

    Also, I thougth Bill Shorten was being ironic at the time, i.e. to actually acknowledge the debacle that is policy development in that mob. I do now think he was speaking literally, unfortunately.

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  5. bobby b says:

    How ironic that Israel in its tweets cannot use as many characters in each message as Hamas has launched deadly rockets over the border into Israel.

    But, says the reporter, it is Israel who is “pushing the two sides to the brink of a new war.”

    At 145 rockets and counting, I’d say they’ve passed right on by that brink – but only now has Israel begun to shoot back?

    What an honorable restraint Israel has shown. I doubt I’d be satisfied were my own government to let us take so many unanswered shots before responding. Hamas ought to be thanking Israel.

    After all of these decades in which Hamas squeaks that it will push Israel into the Mediterranean Sea, it’s long past time for Israel to push those goons into the Caspian.

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