Come Dine With Me Australia: The Reveal

The secret’s out: Tune in to Lifestyle Food on 8 January to see yours truly, the Prick With a Fork, go head-to-head on Australia’s most exciting competitive dinner party show, Come Dine With Me. Can’t say much more than that, except thank Christ they’ve got James Valentine doing the voiceover and not that British guy who makes everyone like a tosser!

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2 Responses to Come Dine With Me Australia: The Reveal

  1. “Lifestyle Food” isn’t much information. Of invaluable assistance even in googling would be knowing if it is on the wireless or on TV. (For starters).

  2. Dr Duck says:

    I don’t have pay TV – 100 channels of nothing to watch. However, it looks like some video will be at the link after the show screens, I’ll look forward to seeing the good Mr Prick in action in the kitchen.

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