Feathered Friend

While the Prick sorts out a few things, why not check out the adventures of a Canadian duck working her way through the Cordon Bleu Academy in Ottawa? No foams or smears here!

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6 Responses to Feathered Friend

  1. Thanks for the heads up. That is a really interesting blog. Now I got two foodie blogs….and none in my city.

  2. Dr Duck says:

    Wow, that’s some seriously old fashioned food at the Ottawa Cordon Bleu Academy. I didn’t think any one cooked like that any more. I’m old enough to remember eating out with my parents at places like Pruniers in the 60’s and seeing those kinds of dishes. Mind you, cooked well and with good ingredients, that kind of food is not too bad, just a bit rich and fussy by today’s standards. I have a couple of US cookbooks published in the late 50’s (US Gourmet Magazine books) which have photos so similar they look like the inspiration for the teachers at the Ottawa Academy.

  3. Pogria says:

    I enjoyed that blog very much. There’s nothing wrong with old fashioned. Also, a lot of those recipes can be reworked to make them lighter and brighter. By “lighter”, I don’t mean lower in fat, simply deconstructed a little and replacing some of the ingredients with what we fancy more today.

    While the subject of this post is birds,my geese will be processed next week and apart from attempting to confit a whole goose, I have set myself the objective of making “spickgans”.

    I have made duck bacon and confit, but have yet to attempt something as delicious sounding as the aforementioned “spickgans”.

    Here is the link where I read about it; http://honest-food.net/2012/12/30/smoked-goose-breast-recipe/

    That is one of my favourite blogs. I have learned a lot from this guy.

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