Fickle Finger of Fate

To hear Le Canard Enchante tell it, Julia Gillard shouldn’t have sent First Fella and finger aficionado Tim Mathieson to the naughty corner for his recent glandular gaffe.

He should have been sent to Le Cordon Bleu instead.

Were he to sign up, he’d not only learn the value of dainty fingers, but his jokes would go down a lot better. And given current polling, an extra marketable skill probably wouldn’t go astray in that household. Wonder if a lot of deboned quail will be seen around the Lodge over the next few months?

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1 Response to Fickle Finger of Fate

  1. Pogria says:

    “Finger aficionado”, sounds so awful. Conjures up dreadful pictures in the mind. Also brought forth a joke I thought I had forgotten.
    The joke was “up to the elbow”.
    Not my fault. You poked the dragon.

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