Well, Good.

New York Nanny-in-Chief Mike Bloomberg gets shot down by the courts:

A state judge ruled Monday that the ban on sales of 16-ounce sugary drinks is “arbitrary and capricious.”

New York Supreme Court Judge Milton Tinglin issued the ruling one day before the ban was slated to go into effect.

Now if the judiciary could go about reversing the rest of Bloomberg’s petty fascism. This might be a good place to start.

UPDATE: This fellow nails it

“Serious problems like obesity cannot be addressed by the imposition of an arbitrary and porous Mayoral fiat,” wrote Matthew Greller, a spokesman for the National Association of Theatre Owners of New York State. “This issue was never about obesity, nor about soda. This was all about power.”


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2 Responses to Well, Good.

  1. mosomoso says:

    Bloomberg should’ve remembered the bottled water – or any kind of contained drink – for Sandy. God knows what would happen if a far more powerful storm, such as 1935’s Long Island Express, were to hit NY while that strutting turkey was mayor.

  2. Mike Farrell says:

    I found it amusing that two of the plaintiffs were the Teamsters Local 812 and the Korean-American Grocers Association of New York. You know you’re backing a winner when those two come together. I envisage our Transport Workers Union teaming up with the Pakistani-Australian Convenience Store Association of Sydney teaming up together to fight Clover Moore.

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