London Calling

Via Bruce Palling at Gastroenophile, this Brasserie Chavot joint in London sounds like fun:

“The point here is the food, which is the sort of brilliant faux paysanne stuff you get when you put a culinary aristocrat in the kitchen. Just as we always knew, when I was a kid, that it was the girls from the most expensive public [private] schools who were the filthiest, so it takes a cook schooled in the ways of luxe to slum it with style.”

Rarely have truer words been put to paper. And can you imagine our own Terry Durack ever firing off a line like that? Or the likes of Anne Summers and the rest of the Misogyny Police letting him get away with it if he did? No, no, not really. Not at all.

Speaking of London, the Pricks are heading that way – as well as to Rome and a few other points in between – later this year. Besides the obvious, where should we go?

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6 Responses to London Calling

  1. Hoddle Boulevard says:

    In London, check out my friends “Melbourne style” pizza joint in Hackney called “Lardo”.
    Yes you can get that stuff too.
    He’s an aussie who reckons the hipster poms would never open a foodie joint themselves over there as it’s “beneath them” to join the service class!
    Thus it’s left to us to go over there and clean up.

  2. john LethleAn says:

    Shoot me an email at and I’ll dig out THE Rome list

    • DMS says:

      Hey John, sure you don’t want to just post that here?
      (Love the reviews by the way – thanks for spending some time in Brissie lately)

  3. Overboots says:

    Try The Wallace Collection
    Hertford House
    Manchester Square
    London W1U 3BN
    Well worth a day or too. It is also free and has quite a nice classy cafe/restaurant.
    Cheers, Colin

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