Vegans Behaving Badly

And they wonder why they get a bad rap:

[Jack and Toby Litsky’s vegan] dietary choices have made dining out a challenge…

Jack Litsky said they’ve learned that not all pasta advertised as 100 percent whole grain actually is, so they’ve taken to bringing their own to Italian restaurants.

Not only do they bring their own pasta, they have taken to “writing their dietary needs and cooking instructions on cards, which are handed in when they place an order.”

This is not the limit of their neediness, however. Read on. Coupons are involved.

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4 Responses to Vegans Behaving Badly

  1. Hoddle Boulevard says:

    Hey Prick, what with you being American and all, you might explain to us why, in America, a marinara sauce contains no seafood (something to do with the dish the fisherman ate when they returned to port I suspect), why cordials contain alcohol, why lemonade has no bubbles, why salad is served as an entree in restaurants, why burgers are referred to as sandwiches, why lite beer is a low fat calorie reference and why pasta is often the most expensive meal on the menu?

    • Deadman says:

      “why cordials contain alcohol”
      The word “cordial”—originally meaning “of the heart”, from medieval Latin cordialis, from Latin cor, “heart”—came to mean “heart-warming” as well as “friendly”; liqueurs are particularly heart-warming and it is quite friendly to offer a pleasant cordial—i.e., a liqueur—to a guest. The modern Australian usage of a cordial being a sweet drink without alcohol is an oddity.
      “why lemonade has no bubbles”
      Lemonade originally referred to a non-carbonated, sweetened drink made of lemons. The word has been around for so long—several centuries—that, in Germany, Limonade has come to mean any sweet drink, so you may have lemon-flavoured lemonade, Zitronenlimonade.
      “salad is served as an entree in restaurants”
      Americans, I’ve noticed, tend to use the word “entrée”, rightly enough, to mean “main course”, which confuses the poor lambs when, after they order a main meal in Australia, the waiter asks whether they’d like an entree. The British tend to use entrée to refer to a dish served between the fish and meat courses at a formal dinner. Why Italians and Americans serve salad separately, I leave to our host.
      “burgers are referred to as sandwiches”
      A hamburger is a sort of sandwich.

  2. “Burger” in Australian usage refers to anything between two slices of bread, whereas in American it means anything ground-up and then cooked in patty form. An American referring to a “chicken burger” would be talking about minced chicken in the familiar disc shape, whether or not it is encased with breadstuffs. An Australian “chicken burger” is a chicken filet on a bun.

  3. Oh and I would say that those vegans ought to be ashamed of themselves, except I am pretty certain the concept of shame is alien to them. I would certainly be ashamed if I were accompanying them and forced to sit through that farce.

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