Universal Food-Care

For those so inclined, blogger Matthew Shaffer has turned out a brilliant little parable about a government attempt to guarantee universal access to food:

James was not, at first, sure how he would go about using his new agency to guarantee the people of New York food. But one thing was certain: letting people run wild and purchase their own food just could not possibly work. He had learned in his social psychology and cognitive science courses at Yale that individuals — especially individuals who did not go to Yale — were not rational. Left to their own devices they might eat too much of the wrong foods; or they might eat no food at all; or they might spend all of their paychecks right away, wasting all of their money on vacations or video games, and then find, a week later, that they had no money for food; or they might get ripped off in a market in which grocers could charge whatever they wanted. Because individuals are imperfectly rational, James realized, there was an obvious solution — have the government take control of the food supply.

But how?

Read on. The whole thing is very well observed, right down to the Facebook memes generated in the program’s defense.

More posts shortly, including what happens when you tea-smoke duck breasts in a backyard smoker. (Hint: it’s delicious, but the process makes the whole property stink like a Cheech & Chong comeback tour.)

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