Bacon: Is There Anything it Can’t Do?

No, no there isn’t:

A 105-year-old Texas woman who worked a life of physical labor and mothered seven children revealed the secret to her longevity: bacon.

“I love bacon, I eat it everyday,” Pearl Cantrell told NBC affiliate KRBC when asked the secret to living so long. “I don’t feel as old as I am, that’s all I can say,” Cantrell added.

Cantrell, who lives in central Texas and still dances, also told KRBC that her 105th birthday party was a three-day affair with more than 200 guests.

And the science apparently backs her up. So go out and eat some bacon today! You don’t want to be known as a bacon denier, do you?

UPDATE: Over on Instapundit, a reader comments, “When looking for the causes of unrest in Mideast, do not overlook bacon deficiency among the principals. No bacon, no peace.”

This site would add that religious injunctions against coming home after a stressful day, mixing a martini, and patting a dog probably don’t help much either.

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4 Responses to Bacon: Is There Anything it Can’t Do?

  1. chocolatesuze says:

    bacon is the answer for everything

  2. Pogria says:

    ahhh, bacon!
    Alongside its revered brothers, Ham and Pork chop.
    All come from, as quoted by the Great Homer, “a wonderful, magical animal”.

  3. Dr Duck says:

    Even I would think twice about this snack, but only because I don’t like chocolate.

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