Little Oil Beats Big Oil!

A rare victory for common sense:

In a humiliating U-turn, Dacian Ciolos, the European commissioner for agriculture, admitted that the proposed ban on traditional olive oil jugs, had provoked popular loathing, or “misunderstanding”, from the people that he said wanted to protect for their own good.

“It was a measure intended to help consumers, to protect and inform them but it is clear that it cannot attract consumer support,” he said.

“As a consequence, I am withdrawing the proposition. I wanted to come here today to demonstrate that I’ve been very alive to the current debate in the press.”

Owen Paterson, the Environment Secretary, welcomed the U-turn but still faces questions over why the Government did not oppose the ban in Brussels negotiations over the ban last week.

Good question.

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2 Responses to Little Oil Beats Big Oil!

  1. youcancallmemeyer says:

    I told my wife and several friends of your post on this matter of 18 May 2013 and of the many humorous comments that lampooned the decision.

    Maybe, in a small way, your blog (multiplied by many similar blogs) contributed to this backdown.

  2. mosomoso says:

    Is it too late to cancel Belgium?

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