Freedom Donuts!

Pack your bags, kids, we’re going to California:

A doughnut filled with foie gras mousse will  be given away for free at two bakeries in San Jose and Campbell, California, on  Friday, also known as National Doughnut Day.

The unusual treat, which is topped with a  sprig of sage and injected with a pipette of fig, honey and balsamic gastrique,  has attracted a lot of attention since Psycho Donuts announced its arrival –  both positive and negative.

While some have heralded the ‘Foie Bomb’ as a  ‘gastronomic delight’, others have slated the bakery – which also sells vegan  products – for promoting animal cruelty.

Fantastic. This may be the greatest gastronomic innovation since, literally, sliced bread:

‘You have the unctuous fattiness of the  mousse, in the center of a yeasty raised doughnut hole,’ [Psycho Donuts owner Ron Levi] said.

‘The fattiness of the foie and the  herbaceousness of the sage. . .it’s an experience the whole way  through.

While the predictable protesters have been out in force, many particularly piqued by the fact that Levi also serves vegan donuts, he’s not backing down:

‘How dare you tell people what they can and  cannot eat?’

Amen to that. There’s hope for California yet. Funny how so many people who claim to be “pro-choice”, aren’t.

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1 Response to Freedom Donuts!

  1. Free Advice says:

    Having grown up in a household which had some kind of offal once a month or so, usually livers or kidneys (but always pate and liverwurst), I never understood even as a kid how it was ever legal to eat brains, particularly lambs brains which were lightly dusted in flower and parsley and lightly fried in the electric fry pan served with lemon.

    Although they tasted OK, I couldn’t and still can’t get over the concept of eating brains.
    I put it down to lean times experienced by previous generations during the two world wars and the depression etc.

    Strangely though, I don’t have a problem with fish eyeballs!

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