Smoking Makes You Cool, Popular, and Look More Grown-Up

A couple of readers have asked for more details on how we Pricks achieved briskety goodness on the weekend. Well, here you go:

  1. First, you’re going to need a few kilos of brisket. Ask for it boneless, and with the fat cap still on. Ours was sliced into two hunks, the better to fit in the smoker.
  2. Next, give it a good dry rub (not to be confused with a zipless … nevermind). The recipe we started with called for 2 tablespoons each of onion and garlic powders, 500g of brown sugar and the same again of salt, 3 tablespoons each yellow and black mustard seeds, a lot of paprika, and some dried chili, ancho if possible. Mix it all together and spread all over the meat a good day before you cook.


  3. Here’s where things get tricky: You need a smoker of some sort. We have a Hark electric number that we picked up from Chef and the Cook in Camperdown; you can also use a Weber kettle grill or any number of other contraptions, but it may not be as precise. We started smoking with applewood chips at about 6:30 am for a mid-afternoon feast, and set the machine to about 115C. After breaking through a “barbeque stall” at around 72C, the meat cruised happily up to 95C and was ready to rest for about half an hour in foil.

ImageAll in all, it worked a treat, though the rub was too salty, and next time I think I’ll wind it back to a 2:1 sugar-to-salt ratio. Also, I put the piece of meat with the fattier “cap” up the top, the better for it to melt onto its drier downstairs neighbour. Fairly amazingly, there was a hunk leftover, which was even better the next day warmed in the oven and sliced onto sandwiches with a bit of home-made barbeque sauce.

Also, a mustard sauce — three thinly-sliced onion and a bunch of crushed garlic cloves sweated until golden brown followed by a litre (!) of apple cider vinegar and a half-litre (!) of decent mustard, a shot of paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, and a squeeze of ketchup was ridiculously popular.

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3 Responses to Smoking Makes You Cool, Popular, and Look More Grown-Up

  1. Tim Andrews says:

    While I would never dream of offering guidance to the Great Prick on matters culinary…

    1)To achieve true briskety goodness, you ought also inject it the night before. I use a combination of beer and Butcher BBQ injector, but even just broth works. It makes a very, very big difference in taste.
    2)I actually don’t use that much brown sugar in my beef rubs – while critical for pork, for beef I tend to think it obscures the flavour a bit… also, where is your cayanne?
    3)Why on earth would you use applewood for beef?
    4)I would also strongly recommend the Texas Cruch as a worthy technique that makes a big difference and most people don’t follow (basically once the meat reaches the the stall wrap it in foil with beer (or some other liquid, but I use beer))
    5)Can I borrow your smoker one day? I use my weber with a smokenator attachment these days, but oh for the days when I had a proper smoker!!!

  2. DMS says:

    Tim (and others FYI)
    A former colleague of mine swears by the Aldi smoker. Only available intermittently (like much of their non-food stuff) and about $200. He said for a non-professional it’s hard to justify spending much more, and it “works much better than using your Webber(tm)”.
    I haven’t picked one up yet, but expect I will.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Prick, thanks for putting the details up. Stan

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