Jill Dupleix’s Hirsute Pursuit

Because being able to draw a milk-kitten in the froth of a macchiato is no longer sufficient to signal one’s manliness:

Yes, our darling baristas have been growing out their facial hair and parading big, bushy bushranger beards (offset with check shirts) that one blogger calls the ”I don’t trim my beard because I’ve been too busy driving my Volvo into the jungles of Costa Rica” beard. ”It’s a symbiotic relationship, baristas and beards,” says Patrick Casey, gentleman barber of Cleveland’s Salon & Cafe. ”It’s important to keep a beard washed and in shape, especially if you’re working with coffee and food.” On the shelves at Cleveland’s is a range of Wild Man organic and vegan beard shampoos and conditioners bearing the slogan: ”Feel Rugged. Look Smooth.” 

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3 Responses to Jill Dupleix’s Hirsute Pursuit

  1. DMS says:

    I quite like having my coffee baristed (is it a verb yet?) by someone who looks like the love child of ZZ Top and the Unabomber

  2. TimT says:

    Another name for ‘beard shampoo’ is ‘shampoo’. Seriously. It’s hair, hipsters.

    Then again I guess the real hard-core hipsters are not using shampoo at all, their bathing their beard in unpasteurised capybara milk.

  3. Being a wearer of a “real” beard, I look down on these pretentious types. (I think look sort of like Ned Kelly, but candid photographs reveal that I’m more like Captain Haddock.)
    Beards take a lot of work to keep clean & tidy, and have to be shampood at least twice as often as your hair does, and I have to comb the thing several times each day.

    However, there is nothing quite like not having to shave!

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