You’re Doing it Wrong

Who says Canberra is boring? Down in the ACT, one poor gent has taken the “prick with a fork” concept a little too far:

Canberra doctors removed a 10-centimetre fork from inside an elderly man’s  penis after a bizarre sexual mishap.

The 70-year-old arrived at the Canberra Hospital emergency department with a  bleeding sexual organ.

He told doctors he had inserted the 10cm dining fork into his urethra almost  12 hours earlier in an attempt to achieve sexual gratification.

But the utensil became stuck.

Forking hell.

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6 Responses to You’re Doing it Wrong

  1. Not going to lie, I thought of you when I read this article!

  2. Liz says:

    He was just trying to have a good tine (sorry!)

  3. Real Deal says:

    If you’ve got a knife in one hand and a spoon in the other, you gotta have something to keep the fork straight while you twirl the spaghetti.

  4. Dr Duck says:

    My sister was a nurse in the emergency department at St Vincents in Darlinghurst in the 1980’s. According to her, what was interesting was not the various objects that people got stuck up ’em, but the excuses as to how they got there; “I was drinking a bottle of coke in the shower and put it down to rinse my hair and I slipped over” was one I remember.

  5. Jack Spratt says:

    That xray needs to have a special place here.
    How is something that painful able to produce “sexual gratification”?
    On second thoughts, don’t answer that :
    – if you know the answer, you’re probably not someone I want to converse with.

  6. Sasha says:

    Hey, Canberra’s a dull town. He needed to entertain himself somehow.

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