Les Amuses

Foody things you may or may not have missed, or care about:

  • Paula Deen, the American doyenne of everything Southern deep fried, was recently diagnosed with Type II diabetes. Predictable gloating from healthy-living Northerners, including that paragon of healthy living, Anthony Bourdain, ensued. Top-notch takedown at the link.
  • I love cookbooks, but I don’t think this one will be in my Amazon shopping cart any time soon. I don’t even want to think about how the author advises one make seed mustard …
  • The Punch is trying to stir up outrage (and why should this day be different than any other?) against dirty foreigners and their nasty foods, in this case shark fin soup, just in time for Chinese New Year. Between xenophobic bogans and ban-everything lefties, a campaign is on to ban the stuff — though fortunately it doesn’t seem to have caught on in Haymarket. Myself, I think we should stop eating shark fin soup when sharks agree to stop eating people. Deal? Gung hai fat choy, everybody!
  • If you are worried about diabetes, everyone’s favourite cartoon cat can show you the way.


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