Red or White?

The other day Nick and I fell into conversation at the deli counter with another customer on the subject of meat, and specifically my plans to cook a goose at Christmas (yeah, I know, I plan ahead). This guy put us on to Red or White Butchers in Belmore, about twenty minutes down the road from Stately Prick Manor. I think we’ll be making a field trip just on the basis of the very playful website alone: dig how when you click on “species”, it takes you to animal heaven!

And the name? They’re not big Russian Revolution history buffs, but rather, they figured they’d name their outfit after “the first thing anyone asks you when you sit down to eat.”

As I say, I like their style.

Oh, and a big, big post on why vegetarians can go get stuffed like a capsicum* coming soon.

* That’s “red pepper” for all you North American readers.

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