Where’s That Prick Been?

Down the south coast of NSW, if you must know, eating several dozen oysters a day and enjoying a bit of peace and quiet with the family. More posts soon, including a trip to Rick Stein’s joint in Mollymook. In the meantime:

  • Good news! It turns out that, contrary to those killjoys on Intervention, alcohol can in fact help you solve problems. Research proves it!
  • Bad news! Spain’s economy, which hasn’t been in great shape for years, is reportedly headed for a major crash. Silver lining: Could judicious application of immigration laws provide the human capital to revitalise Sydney’s moribund Spanish quarter? Prick With a Fork isn’t holding out hope, but can still dream.
  • News I’m not sure I buy! If you buy your beef at Coles, you’re going to get a crummier steak … not because it’s from Coles, but because their growers don’t use HGP. Of all the reasons I need not to buy steaks from a supermarket, the lack of chemicals is pretty low down the list.

Stay tuned!

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1 Response to Where’s That Prick Been?

  1. Alan R.M. Jones says:

    Another reason to give custom to your local butcher versus Coles is so when you ask for, say, beef marrow bones, you are not given a form to fill out and mail to HQ, much in the way one had to write a letter to your local MP to get your phone fixed in the ‘good old days’ of Telecom.

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