Realisation Made

So last night I’m riding home in a taxi from the pub in Surry Hills when what do I spy as we cruise down Devonshire Street but an honest-to-God food truck! It looked really popular, and for a moment I considered asking the driver to stop so I could check it out.

Then I realised the customers were too authentically shabby to be hipsters, that there was no money being exchanged for what I realised were hot drinks and sandwiches, and that Salvation Army logo looks nothing like that of any Sydney Food Truck I’d ever seen.  

 Whoops. Sometimes I really am a Prick with a Fork.

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1 Response to Realisation Made

  1. Dakingisdead says:

    Greasy pies and chips, pie floaters, hamburgers with the lot, toasted ham, cheese and onion sandwich…great after pub grub. Sadly all gone and now we are gonna get “gourmet food trucks.” Sorry epic fail as far as I am concerned.

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