Healthy Way to Die

Organic food is overpriced, often of dubious quality, and, as it turns out, potentially deadly as well:

Despite what the organic industry may tell us, a quick review of the academic literature shows that E. coli is a serious problem in organic produce.

This 2004 study found significantly higher levels of E. coli in some organic produce, although the claim that E. coli can find its way into the fibres of vegetables and thus cannot wash off seems to have been discredited. This study found a slightly higher amount of E. coli in properly managed certified organic produce, but not at a level that was statistically significant. However, in produce that used manure compost aged less than 12 months, the prevalence of E. coli was 19 times greater than farms that used older materials.

E. coli was also found to be more prevalent in organic lettuce and, frankly, I would not be putting that stuff on my shopping list in a hurry.

Put simply, most organic vegetables, if properly managed and washed are okay, but vegetables grown with the evil synthetic fertilisers are less prone to causing a shutdown of your kidneys.

As Gavin Atkins points out above, more people died as a result of eating organic food in Germany in one incident recently than did in Japan as a result of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Yet we are scared of clean, green nuclear power and embrace dirty, poo-covered organics. Thanks, hippies!

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