Montpellier Public House, RIP


Balzac’s last meal … a ripper of a night!

Very sad to read the news that Matt Kemp has decided to close the Montpellier Public House, his recent (mis)(ad)venture to refurbish and rebrand what he previously operated as Randwick’s venerable Restaurant Balzac – a joint which was, while it was open, one of our favourite “occasion” places, and where we enjoyed any number of special dinners. The “Game Night” he put on a couple of years ago, with everything from venison to hare on the menu, and where we were very democratically seated with the Hon. Justice Annabelle Bennett, will always be remembered.

Mrs Prick and I were lucky enough to go Balzac’s last meal qua Balzac, but somehow never made it over to Montpellier: The long ride to Randwick didn’t somehow seem worth it for what we worried would be a dumbed-down format (the code words “more accessible” are like kryptonite to the Pricks), especially with the wonderful Devonshire Restaurant run by ex-Balzac sous chef Jeremy Bentley just down the road. We are sorry we never did now, and wish Matt all the best and hope to see him behind the pans again soon.

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4 Responses to Montpellier Public House, RIP

  1. Bettina says:

    I don’t know Prick, anyone who serves brussel sprout coleslaw as the first course of a degustation menu has a lot of work ahead of them to recover cred with me …

  2. Tara says:

    Mr Prick – the new format was kind of nice but NQR – I wanted it to be like an excellent British gastropub – instead it was like balzac but with less comfortable seating and a posh menu and wine list that you don’t want to face on a casual night out, especially when you’re a local. It certainly wasn’t worth travelling beyond Surry Hills from the Inner West for. It wanted to be tracksuit pants with heels – and let’s face it, that just does. not. work.

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