Let Me Make One Thing Perfectly Clear

Back in 2009, I think I may have been the first person to point out Obama’s Nixonian tendencies:

Among conservatives, it has been fashionable to describe Barack Obama as the black Jimmy Carter.

Among liberals, Barack Obama is really the black FDR.

Both are wrong: Barack Obama is in fact the black Richard Nixon.

Forget the cosmetic differences of mien and marriage. A little more than a hundred days into Barack Obama’s presidency, it has become abundantly clear that the erstwhile Chicago community organiser is at heart not so much a lightworker as a political bully and standover artist, happy to make nice for the cameras but even happier to leverage the power of his office to shake down his opponents behind closed doors.

Much has been made of reports that Obama officials threatened to sic the White House Press Corps on Chrysler creditors who did not go along with the president’s plan to shaft bondholders and reward his allies in the United Autoworkers Union, and personally I believe them. Not so much because of any personal animus towards Barack Obama – unlike so many on the Left during the Bush administration, I do not want every terrible thing reported about the president to be true – but because it is part of a greater pattern. Nixon had his IRS and his plumbers; Obama has Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, and AIG bus tours. Both tools contain a not-so-subtle message: We know where you live.

Look at how Obama forced Chris Dodd – no ethical paragon himself – to insert a provision saving the bonuses of AIG executives into the bank bailout -so that Obama could then go out and attack those same bonuses.

Or the way Obama forced Rick Wagoner to resign as head of GM.

The list goes on

And on and on, as it has turned out. Now, the denoument:

Republicans on the House oversight committee voted on Wednesday to recommend holding Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. in contempt of Congress in a dispute over internal Justice Department documents related to the botched gun trafficking operation known as “Fast and Furious.”

The 23-to-17 vote, which fell along party lines, came after President Obama invoked executive privilege to withhold the documents and communications among Justice Department officials last year as they grappled with the Congressional investigation into the case. As part of the operation, weapons bought in the United States were allowed to reach a Mexican drug cartel in an effort to build a bigger case.

You heard it here first, folks.

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