The Personal is Column-Fodder: Econogirl Irvine Strikes Again

Weddings, weight-loss, and now workplace changes: Fairfax’s Jessica Irvine, who writes like the up-talking offspring of a tawdry one-nighter involving Thomas Friedman and Ezra Klein, has never shied away from the first person in her writing. Thus her latest column begins with the words, “I’ve been thinking a lot about jobs lately.”

No doubt she has: Although she hasn’t announced it in print (though she must be like totally bursting to tell her dear readers, pinky-swear!) the self-proclaimed “Econo-Girl”  has reportedly been poached by News Ltd  – to  be “national economics editor” no less. The move is a curious one to say the least: Is this part of a broader Holt Street raid on Fairfax’s shrinking talent pool, designed to make the Love Media collapse under its own weight, hopefully before Irvine and other new hires work out their probation and can be put out on the street?

In any case, the Irvine hire should be interesting. The Prick is informed as well that she has been whispering around town that she’ll actually be working at The Australian. One would love to be a fly on the wall when she tries to give writing advice to Paul Kelly.

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