Prick Points North … And a Word About Comments

Mr and Mrs Prick are hitting the road for a bit, so posting may be sporadic over the next few days. But what posts there are will be delicious.

Also, a word about comments: The Prick is something of a free-speech absolutist, and will only knock something back if it’s really beyond the pale or out-and-out defamatory. To date no one has been banned or blocked, though a report has come in that a loyal reader has lately had trouble getting through. If any other regulars are having the same difficulty, apologies in advance, but let me know and I shall investigate.

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1 Response to Prick Points North … And a Word About Comments

  1. Dr Duck from Goulburn says:

    Hope you and Mrs Prick have a nice weekend with many delicious interludes. Thanks for looking into the commenting issue.

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