Mentioned in Dispatches

Over at Crikey!, Gideon Haigh gives the Prick a shout-out:

Yet Australian journalists have been mainly bystanders to the growth and maturation of the blogosphere, which for all its occasional incivility and self-indulgence also reveals remarkable depths of knowledge, from the science/technology blogs of Renai LeMay (DeLimiter) and Becky Crew (Running Ponies), to the online economics commentaries of Gruen, John Quiggin (John Quiggin), Christopher Joye (Aussie Macro Moments), Sinclair Davidson and Steve Kates (Catallaxy Files). Andrew Landeryou (VexNews) regularly reveals the superficiality of much daily state political coverage and James Morrow (Prick with a Fork) the banality of much modern food writing, while the knotty comments threads at William Bowe’s Crikey blog Poll Bludger belie assumptions that Australians are politically apathetic. Many in mainstream media now speak in high-sounding tones about building “senses of community” around their mastheads, channels and sites, having spent most of the last decade scorning somewhere it has abounded.

Cheers, mate. That’s quite a distinguished and, shall we say, diverse blogroll there. The Prick likes to think that not only does the site reveal the banality of much modern food writing (and the modern food business in general), in a perverse sort of way it revels in it as well. And welcome, Crikey! readers.

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3 Responses to Mentioned in Dispatches

  1. Anonymous says:

    Getting crikey readers is about as welcome as an infestation of cane toads.

  2. Woah! Did my solitary comment put the kibosh on the new theme?

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