Thirsty Work

The Prick has always liked the Little Creatures range of beers, but that emotion is quickly turning to love. Via The Punch:

“In what looked like escalating into a Grocon Mark II dispute, unionists blockaded the Little Creatures brewery in South Geelong on and off for more than a month until last week in breach of a Supreme Court injunction.

“Unionists from the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) and the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU) have been in dispute with Western Australian contracting firm TFG Group over the use of non-union contract workers at the Little Creatures brewery.

“The unions object to the employment of non-union labour on individual contracts, and are demanding that TFG employ local workers from Geelong on an enterprise bargaining agreement.

“The new brewery represents a $60 million investment from Lion, Little Creatures’ parent company, and TFG has been hired to administer the fit-out of specialist brewing equipment. According to Little Creatures, 95% of TFG’s contractors are Victorians, and the brewery will offer significant opportunities for local jobs upon its completion.

“The CFMEU and AMWU claim that TFG has engaged its labourers in sham contracts to avoid paying entitlements normally afforded to regular employees, such as sick and holiday leave, superannuation, and redundancy payments.

“But if unionists were really worried that TFG was engaged in sham contracting, they only need to refer the matter to the building and construction industry watchdog. No such action has occurred.

“This dispute is not about workers’ rights or sham contracting. According to Leela Sutton from Lions, the workers have indicated satisfaction with their conditions and do not wish to be represented by the union. This dispute is about growing membership through intimidation and boosting membership fees.”

Given the corruption and thuggishness inherent in the Australian union movement, and particularly the power-hungry, reform-loathing dinosaurs at the CFMEU, it is not hard to take sides in this one. Remember, these are the same brave tough guys who punch horses to get their way.

In short, it’s time for a buy-cott.

Much more fun than a boycott, this involves doing with rather than doing without. The Prick first encountered the notion when Danish producers were being boycotted because of cartoons of Mohammed, and as a result discovered delicious Lurpak butter which has been the house butter of choice for over six years now.

Soet’s all go out and buy a case of Little Creatures to kick off the weekend and tell the CFMEU where to get off. The pilsner is particularly nice on a hot day.

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4 Responses to Thirsty Work

  1. MC says:

    Little Creatures Pale Ale is probably the best beer made in Australia. After reading this, I’ll definitely pick up a slab tonight.

  2. Dr Duck says:

    I’m with the Prick …. the pilsner is a nice drop. While I don’t drink a lot of beer these days, I like the idea of a buy-cot! If the workers are happy with the contract and the conditions, what right has the union to get involved? Unless they would prefer to not have a local boutique brewing industry.

  3. Little Creatures eh? Pleased to say we’ve been pushing it hard for a few years. Now that I’m better informed (thanks to this prick-post) I’ll no longer think of it drinking it as an affirmation of the drinker’s effeminate inner nature, but as a measure of one’s macho he-man spirit of free enterprise!

  4. Corey says:

    “…as a result discovered delicious Lurpak butter which has been the house butter of choice for over six years now.”

    Ditto. I started buying Lurpak (along with Carlsberg beer) at the same time for the same reasons.

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