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Will the Prick have egg on his face?

So tonight’s the night: At 8:30pm AEDT the Lifestyle Channel will screen the first episode of the new series of Come Dine With Me featuring yours truly. The episode will also be available online. I have no idea what they’ve done in the editing suite but it’s sure to be entertaining viewing – perhaps more for you than for me!

Even if you are watching on Foxtel, do the Prick a favour click over the Come Dine With Me website and cast a vote for the Prick when the show is over. If you’re on the Twitter, tweet using the hashtag #jamesCDWMA and you could put me in the running for a “viewer’s choice award”. And of course feel free to get all catty about the other contestants’ food!

Fuller report after the show. Cheers!

Update: Twitter-voting is now open, via the CDWM site.

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9 Responses to Support Your Local Food Blogger

  1. Bonsoir says:

    Give me a hell yeah f you found this random blog because of the tv show

  2. toothbud says:

    Hell yeah! And I’ll add that p.w.a.f. was the best candidate of that episode. Best food and good bloke. Good viewing! Well done James. You shoulda won.

  3. Perhaps me am real dumb. No able to figger out how to watch episode online.

    So I miss out. Phooey! From the excerts we DO see at that website, of the 4 contestants the only one who exhibits any class is…… the Prick.

    Having imagined someone who was a cross between Winston Churchill & Gerard Depiardieu, y’all can imagine my surprise to discover the prick is actually a somewhat more user-friendly & handsome cove!

    Shame the show was on pay TV, as I’ve not yet caught up with the modern world enough to … (ugh)… actually PAY a fee to gaze at a TV screen!

    • Pogria says:

      I’m with you Steve,
      I don’t have pay tv either. If Mr Prick lets us know how we can see it, I’ll definitely watch it.
      I can’t vote for you though Mr Prick, I have no Twitter or Facebook account, and absolutely no intention of having them.

      i would love to see it though. Cooking shows have become so unbelievably boring. They are no longer about the food, just reworked versions of Big Brother whereby everyone is hoping for a major meltdown.

      The baking show that is currently in post production, has contestants that have never baked a loaf of bread or made pastry, but they will provide the obligatory cut or burnt fingers, dropped strudels, tears, tantrums and breakdowns. What more could you ask for?
      Even Nigella is disappointing. Food and delivery just going through the motions. And Marco Pierre-White? The only good thing about him is that he has finally abandoned
      that vile PLO scarf he used to have wrapped around his head as though he had tooth

      • Pogria says:

        I have no idea why my script is all over the place. Using a borrowed lap top while my big boy is being repaired.

  4. Your menu was far better than the others, you should have won. As a side note, a couple of the others seemed rather unpleasant people.

  5. Bettina says:

    Your menu was amazing James. Hugh and I thought all the other menus looked horrid – the sort of thing we make mid-week for a normal dinner, definitlely not dinner party standard. And who doesn’t eat oysters?!?!

  6. Ajenny says:

    You know tonight I’m tempted to make an impossible pie for dessert just to show my kids how wonderfully average it is, they’re hoping for Creme Brûlée but stuff that. You sir were robbed!

  7. A web logger = a blogger.
    A video blogger = a vlogger.
    Is a Food blogger….a….. flogger?

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